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Similana Resort
The Similana Resort is situated on a small hill on a quiet beach north of Khao Lak. The peaceful seaside coast is still perfect for vacationers seeking to escape the tourist crowds. A true getaway - far from noise, pollution and bustle - where ...
Datum: 14.07.2008 - Besucher: 2800 - Bewertung: Eintrag lesen
Sudala Beach Resort
The Sudala Beach Resort is boutique resort, located on the unspoiled and pristine of Bang Niang Beach, Khao Lak. The Resort with 78 rooms (24 Deluxe Villa Rooms & 54 Superior Rooms) is filled with fine facilities and conveniences. The Sudala ...
Datum: 14.07.2008 - Besucher: 2854 - Bewertung: Eintrag lesen
Sunset Resort
The Khaolak Sunset Resort provides the perfect setting for those seeking seclusion on a private, sandy beach surrounded by a lush tropical forest. Ideally situated along Southeast Asia ´s illustrious Silk Pathway-the historical trade route ...
Datum: 14.07.2008 - Besucher: 2620 - Bewertung: Eintrag lesen
Suwan Palm
Welcome to Suwan Palm Resort. The Resort is locate at Nang-Thong Beach, directly in the heart of Khaolak. The former Khaolak Orchid Resortel announced that it has been renovated and rebranded as Suwan Palm Resort which is even more ...
Datum: 14.07.2008 - Besucher: 2807 - Bewertung: Eintrag lesen
Takolaburi Cultural Spa & Resort
The exclusive deluxe Takolaburi Cultural Spa & Resort with 99 rooms and suites is nestled along the beautiful and undisturbed Pakarang Cape, Khao Laks premier beach with white sand and sparkling clear water of the Andaman Sea. Pamper ...
Datum: 14.07.2008 - Besucher: 2714 - Bewertung: Eintrag lesen
The Briza Beach Resort and Spa Khao Lak
The Briza Beach Resort, newly Deluxe Resort - opening 12/2007 - in Khao Lak, is located on a long stretch of unspoiled sandy of Khao Lak Beach, which is only 50 minutes from Phuket International Airport and only 10 minutes strolling to Khao Lak ...
Datum: 14.07.2008 - Besucher: 3453 - Bewertung: Eintrag lesen
The Sandy House
The Sandy House - Your best choice for staying in a true Thai-hospitality. Family-run private bungalow within to the beautiful beach only a 2-minute walk. The location is peaceful and quiet and the bungalows are clean and comfortable. Nearby are ...
Datum: 14.07.2008 - Besucher: 3284 - Bewertung: Eintrag lesen
The Sarojin
Relaxation, freedom, inspiration - The Sarojin imparts unique, revitalizing experiences that last ... so much so, that a sojourn with us is reminiscent of staying as a guest at a friend's private estate. The Sarojin own team of personal ...
Datum: 14.07.2008 - Besucher: 2724 - Bewertung: Eintrag lesen
Tony Lodge
A homey and cozy accommodation in the center of the most wonderful traveling site in Phang Nga, Khao Lak. From here, you are closed to real magnificent topography both on land and in the sea within your reach. A touch of tropical sea breeze and ...
Datum: 14.07.2008 - Besucher: 2904 - Bewertung: Eintrag lesen
Wanaburee Resort Khao Lak
Khao Lak Wanaburee Resort is a small peaceful village fixed in the middle of one of Thailand´s most well preserved tropical rain forests and is near the Khao Lak National Park. The beach stretches for as far as the eyes can see and glitters ...
Datum: 14.07.2008 - Besucher: 2737 - Bewertung: Eintrag lesen

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