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Standardeintrag The Green Biking Club
Biking is a beautiful alternative on your vacation, the bicycle will take you, getting around on small country roads to feel the green zone. Fresh air in the morning, birds singing, insects calling and Thai smiles. Just imagine how wonderful this will be! Anyone, who is able and balance to ride a bicycle, can join us to explore the beautiful landscape and the real Thai life that is hidden behind the beaches, nightlife and shopping malls.

The Green Biking Club invite you to discover small villages, remote coastline, waterfalls, tropical orchards and the daily life of the ever friendly and ever smiling Thai people that otherwise you would certainly never see as a package holiday tourist to Thailand. Besides the fun and enjoyment you will have during the trip, there is no better way to touch, test, smell and see the actual life of the Thai people.

Choose a half or full day program and enjoy our happiness that will become your happiness too. We look forward to welcoming you as our guests.

The Green Biking Club
67/5 Moo 5, Petchakasem Road,
Kukkak, Takuapa,
Phang-Nga 82190,

Tel/Fax: +66 (0)76 443-211
Hotline: +66 (0)81 326-6164

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