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Standardeintrag Bangniang Beach Resort
Bangniang Beach Resort, carefully designed so that guests will experience a peacefully for relaxing in nature. The Resort is located right at the beautiful sandy beach of Baan-Bangniang, Phang-Nga and offer 63 rooms, in individual or paired all with in some 80 m of beach. The bungalows are arranged spaciously. Greenery, leaving ample space for garden plants lawns and path ways.

The Pool right in the middle of the park , which is part of the resort complex. It's only a few steps from your room , there are sundeck chairs around the pool and nice pool side bar.

Restaurant / Bar: Restaurant is located open door and serves breakfast, local Thai cuisine and some international dishes during daytime and evening, for very fair prices.

Gift shop & mini mart: A small shop located at the front office providing the basic necessities of hygiene products, stationary, stamps, post cards, snacks, candy, beverages and some local some local sovenirs.

Other Service: WiFi-Internet Acess, International Call, Postal Service, Laundry Service, Airport Transfer, Taxi Service, Motorbike & Car Rentals, Excursion Tours

Bangniang Beach Resort Khaolak
53 / 10 Moo 5, Khuk - Khak, Takuapa
Phang-Nga 82190, Thailand

Tel: +66 (0)76 44-3474
Fax: +66 (0)76 44-3475

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